Funds from MAT tax going to community projects - Timmins News

2022-07-14 01:10:51 By : Mr. LEE Jack

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More than $200,000 collected from the city’s MAT tax will soon be distributed to local organizations.

Timmins council supported a resolution to distribute funds brought in by the Municipal Accommodation Tax during 2021. The MAT tax is a four per cent charge to visitors on accommodations at hotels, motels, lodges, inns, bed and breakfasts or other units for a period of less than 40 days.

Deputy Mayor Kristin Murray said it is great to see the funds being used to support community projects.

“There was a lot of conversation about where the funds would be allocated, and some goes to the Timmins Economic Development Corporation,” she said. “The portion that we do keep is going back into the community and the non-profit sector and really to promote tourism again.”

Funds being paid out from the MAT tax include:

• $150,000 to the Hollinger Park Festivals and Events Area

• $40,000 to Tourism Timmins for various events

• $37,500 allocated to the purchase of trash containers downtown

“It’s a win for the community. You can see the Hollinger Park Festivals and Events Area is going to be enhanced, which is great,” Murray said. “As well as Tourism Timmins and the purchase of garbage containers for downtown Timmins.”

She said the money collected by the tax is being put to good use by these organizations.

“Really, it’s supporting beautification, growth of the economy in our community,” Murray said. “It’s such a great way to generate income that goes right back into the community.”